Prescription Drug Advocates

Toll Free: 800-801-2156

If you qualify you can save most of what you are paying for your prescription drugs

Do you need help affording prescription medicine?

The cost of prescription drugs and their insurance has skyrocketed. Consumers need an Advocate to make their medicine more affordable. Our customers get name brand prescription medication for free from pharmaceutical companies in the United States.

Prescription Drug Advocates (PDA) will work on your behalf to save you money on prescription medicine. Most pharmaceutical companies offer free medication to people that cannot afford it through Patient Assistance Programs (PAP). However, these programs can be complicated and confusing. We know and understand PAP programs, and will coordinate with your doctor and the drug companies for you.

Go to Get Started to begin the enrollment process. We look forward to becoming your Advocate!

Advocate Services

  • We review your prescriptions and income information
  • We figure out what forms and documentation are required
  • We complete Patient Assistance Program applications for you
  • We coordinate with your doctor to get signatures and prescriptions
  • We submit the PAP applications, with all required documentation, to drug manufacturers
  • We submit Hardship Appeals, if required
  • We order 90-day supply refills for you
  • We coordinate the 12-month renewal process